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How safe is silica?

Silica is a naturally forming mineral found throughout the world and is the second most plentiful mineral on the earth. While it is plentiful, many individuals end up with deficiencies or problems relating to low silica in the body.

Benefits of Silica:

The main benefit of silica to the body is healthy connective tissues. Since it deals with connective tissues, silica helps maintain healthy joints, skin elasticity and collagen. Healthy connective tissue results in a more youthful appearance and feelings.

Silica also helps form strong bones because it helps the body properly absorb calcium.

Individuals who take silica supplements are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease or other similar diseases associated with aluminum toxicity. Silica removes the aluminum and flushes it out of the body.

Silica helps maintain healthy hair and nails. A healthy appearance comes from a healthy body and silica is a mineral the body needs.

Side Effects or Dangers:

In general, silica is perfectly safe for most individuals. While it is safe, some considerations are necessary before taking the supplements.

Some individuals might have excessive urination resulting in dehydration. To combat this particular side effect, drinking plenty of water is helpful.

Too much silica results in vitamin deficiencies in other areas of the body, particularly thiamin or vitamin B1. Like any other supplement, too much is not healthy. While silica in small amounts is healthy, taking large amounts for an extended period of time will cause other health problems. Take small dosages of silica for healthy benefits unless a doctor suggests more.

Too much silica can also result in kidney damage. Taking a silica supplement means taking it responsibly. If the body has too much silica, the body tries to flush it out via the kidneys. While once or twice is not harmful, taking too much for an extended period of time results in kidney stones and eventually kidney deterioration.


Silica has numerous health benefits and in most situations is appropriate for good health. While it is beneficial, the body does not need a large amount. Always discuss an appropriate dosage with a doctor before taking any silica supplements to avoid taking too much for your personal needs. Every individuals is different, so the amount of silica supplement that is healthy differs for each person.

Health Benefits of Silica

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