Silica Mineral Health Benefits

There are many essential minerals required by the body for good health. With modern agriculture that strip-mines soil, replacing natural fertility with chemical fertilizers mostly consisting of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, much of the food we consume is deficient in essential minerals. Silica is both one of the most common deficiencies and an essential mineral used by the body in a variety of applications. We are designed to derive silica mineral health benefits from two forms of the mineral. Silalive combines both forms into one liquid supplement.


Organic Silicon

Also known as orthosilicic acid, this form of the mineral serves both systemic and structural functions. Structurally, it is a major component of hair, gums, nails and skin, which provides the elasticity of collagen and protection from the damage caused by wear and tear. Silica is also a major component of other moving parts that require elasticity, including joints and tendons. By having the right amount in the diet, you can ensure good function and higher stress tolerance from these vital, moving parts.

Systemically, silica serves a primary role in moving micronutrients from digestion to the rest of the body. Without it, you can eat plenty of calcium and still be considered calcium deficient. For this reason, silica prevents many common chronic diseases, like osteoporosis, heart disease and gingivitis. All the bodies major organs contain silica to aid in basic function, like cellular repair. Without it, these organs become compromised and prone to chronic disease patterns. Silica is also well known for its functions as a detox agent, as it is able to bind with heavy metals and many other types of toxins for elimination.

Inorganic Silica

Diatomaceous Earth (DME) is another name for inorganic silica, a form of the mineral that has several uses for digestive and urinary tract health. The action of DME is purely physical. Because of the small size of the diatoms, DME is completely safe for everyone, yet it is deadly for the much smaller cells of intestinal parasites. It also serves as a colon cleanser capable of trapping infectious toxins, methyl mercury and other compounds.

Supplementing with silica is a great way to improve your health. Silalive is a combination of both forms, purified for maximum health benefits from this often-neglected essential mineral.

Health Benefits of Silica

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