Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits

Silalive contains diatomaceous earth and orthosilicic acid, which is organic silica. These 2 forms of silica are both needed by the body to fully maintain or to restore the best of health. Silalive Silica is the only supplement that contains both biogenetic and organic silica.

These two components together detoxify the body in a pure and natural way. Further, they are regenerative. The anti-aging properties have surprised many users and health professionals.  Silica has been called “nature’s perfect energizer.” Results are seemingly miraculous. In fact, it has been called the beauty and youth miracle element. Silica is arguably the single most important element, given that it is a foundational building block of all life forms. The synergy of diatomaceous earth and orthosilicic acid together is where the dynamic power unfolds.

Silalive’s formula contains a micronized form of diatomaceous earth coupled with the highest quality and high density orthosilicic acid. In its micronized form, the silica is a particle size that has been reduced enough to penetrate cells. This is why it is superior in detoxification and cleansing. As a systemic mineral element, it rebuilds hair, skin, bone joints and nails. But it doesn’t stop there. It also unclogs arteries, removes poisonous heavy metals, makes heart valves pliable, softened and youthful. Silalive Silica removes bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses, while at the same time it cleanses and purifies the blood, colon and lungs. It rids the stomach of wastes and other damaging substances, it increases blood flow, which also contributes to flushing and cleansing the body.


Another function of silica is to promote the synthesis of collagen, fundamental in making strong, shiny, healthy nails and hair. In addition to making one’s complexion glow, complexion problems clear up over time. Skin is supple and remarkably soft and youthful. Plumper, healthier skin, of course, plumps up fine lines and wrinkles.

The list of miracle working aspects of Silalive Silica continues. It can help pull sugar imbalances into line, reduce unhealthy cholesterol and slow down unhealthy cell growth. It improves memory as brain synapses become more pliant. It slows or reduces the proliferation of diseased and unhealthy cells, and stimulates the longevity of healthy cells.

Because of silica’s natural electrical properties, it contributes to attracting, binding and removing free radicals, which do so much damage to the body. This means that environmental pollutants, chemical toxins and even radiation is magnetically gathered up and flushed out. The ongoing onslaught of these damaging toxins need an ongoing defense system, and Silalive Silica with its 2 bioavailable components is the daily supplement that supports your body in this ongoing battle.

Silalive Silica removes toxic waste from the body so that no only are individual cells living longer, the individual person also has a longer, healthier life, too.

It’s suggested that Silalive Silica supplement be taken for up to 14 days before expecting results to show, although some people comment that they notice positive changes right away. However, a process of detox generally takes a couple weeks. The very best aspect about Silalive Silica is that there are no side effects and no contraindications. Life just gets better in an easy, healthy way.

Be healthy and youthful with synergistic silica. Make sure your loved ones take Silalive, too! This is the best gift you could ever give anyone.

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